We Offer A True Turn-Key Solution.

Concept Analysis

  • We can help you conceptualize your new product idea, including what features you want it to include — and what features you don’t want it to include.
  • Once the product idea has been conceptualized, we can help you do a market analysis on it, to confirm the possible demand for your new product. This can help you decide if it is worthwhile to go forward with your new product idea.

Design Analysis

  • It can also be helpful to do an estimated cost-to-benefit analysis on your new product idea. This is an early-stage estimate of what your new product might cost to produce and how much revenue it could produce, providing you with further feedback on whether your new product idea would be a profitable one.
  • If everything looks good so far, we can start designing your new product for you. We will do any necessary design calculations and start creating more detailed designs of your new product idea. There will often be more than one design presented to you for your consideration.

Next Steps in the Process


  • It may be time to make a physical prototype that we can hold in our hands and test to confirm that it does what it was intended to do.
  • Once the design has been fine-tuned, it is time to obtain more detailed costs for the parts needed to make your new product.

Decision Time

  • Now it’s decision time. Assuming everything still looks good, we will get started on producing marketing materials so you can start marketing and selling your new product. You may choose to order your first production lot of your new product at this time or wait until you’ve got some orders coming in before ordering your first lot.

Product Release

  • At this point, your new product has been created, released to the market and you are on your way to providing customers everywhere with your amazing new product!


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